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STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA - Animal Waste Cleanup

People love their pets, but unfortunately, animals can be destructive to homes. It can be hard to eliminate their smells and to get rid of any stains they leave behind. Although dogs can certainly have accidents, cat urine is by far the most pungent and distinct smell that can be difficult to remove and make a home almost impossible to sell.


Animal Cleanup Help for Dogs


Even the best trained dog can have an accident every now and then, but when the accident isn’t cleaned immediately it can cause lasting damage. Urine or feces can soak into the carpet, right through the padding and into the subflooring. If the underlying padding has been soaked and the subflooring is wooden it can cause stains and long lasting odors. This type of situation often calls for replacing the subflooring. In some cases, simply cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing the wood can stop any stains and get rid of the odor.


Animal Cleanup Help for Cats


One of the hardest animal odors to clean up is cat urine. Although cats don’t urinate as frequently as dogs, their urine has a much greater impact on a home. This is because cat urine is different when compared to many other types of animal urine. Simply put, cat urine is made up of higher concentrated urine due to the cat’s body absorbing greater amounts of water to maintain hydration. The resulting urine can wreak havoc on a home when the animal doesn’t use a litter box.  


To find the root source of the problem, a thorough examination of the area impacted can determine the extent of the damage and how best to clean it. STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA has the right tools to get rid of the problem by deep penetration of the affected trouble spots that result in a fresh, clean, odor free home.


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