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Decomposition Cleanup - STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA

Biohazards from decomposing bodies can cause harm to the environment and to human health. When a biohazard isn’t properly cleaned up it releases tiny microorganisms on anything it comes into contact with and can also become airborne. Spilled blood, body fluids, and human waste can all be problems. When cleaning up any type of biohazard, STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA uses EPA standards during cleanup to quickly eradicate long lasting biohazards such as Hepatitis.


Unattended Death and Decomposition Cleanup


Finding a loved one who died on their own can be devastating. Not only can the shock of it be hard, but there is often an odor and mess involved. Whoever finds the person has to deal with the loss in addition to the decomposing body, which can be traumatic for many people.


The human body begins to decompose in a short timeframe, between 24 to 72 hours. It starts with algor mortis which is the period when the body cools off and assumes the temperature of the environment. This is also the period when body fluids like blood can pool to the parts of the body that are closest to the ground. When these fluids find ways to seep out onto the ground below the body, they can saturate the area. These fluids can be dangerous to humans and decomposition clean up is needed.


Next comes rigor mortis where the muscles stiffen and are difficult to move. This happens anywhere from two to six hours after death. As the body continues to decay, enzymes and bacteria in the body start to break down the body part they are living in and then spread out to the rest of the body. This process is what creates the smell.


Decomposition Cleanup: Cleaning the Area


At STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA, we understand that death is difficult. Whether you’ve lost a friend or family member, we know how hard this time is and that cleaning up after a decomposing body can make the experience even worse. Let us take care of the cleanup to ensure the home or place of death is safe for those left behind.


We use a special illuminator that shows where the fluids are or where they may have seeped into. We clean the entire area that remaining biohazards, such as blood and body fluids, may have gotten onto or into. This gets rid of the smell and contaminants, making the area safe.

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