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Homeless Camp Cleanup | STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA

Homeless camps can be found in many areas, from inner cities to outside the city limits in wooded spots. They can be found on public or private property. Since these camps aren’t made to be permanent, there are never proper shelters or facilities. This means that there’s a whole lot more than just trash to cleanup after a homeless camp has been left behind.


Homeless camps are a haven for waste that can include dead animals, human and animal waste, trash, used needles and other drug paraphernalia, and electronic waste, all of which can cause a biohazard. Many of these toxic pollutants are dangerous to humans and animals that come into contact with them. Diseases that can be found in these camps can range from Hepatitis to AIDS. The problem is that these diseases can live in used syringes for long periods of time, which is why it’s so important to clean it up as soon as possible. Protecting others as well as limiting liability is a necessary component of homeless camp cleanup.


Effective and Quick Homeless Camp Cleanup:
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At STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA, we understand the need to get the area cleaned up as soon as possible to ensure the safety of others and to leave the area looking pristine. Our trained professionals understand how to clean the area safely and effectively by using the proper cleaning solutions to get rid of any transmittable diseases. We are also able to properly sort through trash and recycle what can be recycled.


When finished cleaning up a homeless campsite, there are no dirty needles, trash, or evidence of a homeless camp left behind. We make sure to scan every inch of the area to verify it has been thoroughly cleaned and that nothing is left behind. When you’re dealing with homeless camp cleanup, let the professionals at STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA do a professional job to leave the area clean, looking good, and without any chance of liability to the landowner.

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