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Biohazard Cleanup - STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA

Biohazards are dangerous to the environment, to animals, and to humans. Biohazards release small microorganisms into the air and onto surrounding surfaces. Biohazards include blood, body fluids, some types of body tissue, animal and human waste, pathological waste, microbiological waste, and sharps waste that are contaminated with infectious substances. Essentially, it’s any type of waste that can cause harm.


Biohazard Cleanup Services We Offer:


Blood/Body Fluids/Body Tissue


Body fluids can include blood, urine, vomit, feces, and tissue. These are often found in cars, on ambulances, in hospitals, and on scene after accidents. There’s a need to clean these up as soon as possible to avoid infecting others. Hepatitis B, for example, can live in dried blood for up to seven days. The only way to stop transmission of microorganisms is to clean them up with solvents that are strong enough to kill them. Regular soap doesn’t work. A strong disinfectant that is EPA approved must be used to ensure the microorganisms are fully killed off.


Animal and Human Waste


Animal and human waste is not only unsightly, but it can pollute the environment, the groundwater, and be dangerous to humans. It can contain bacterial infections like cholera, dysentery, and salmonella. Viral infections can also be transmitted from waste. The two most common of these are norovirus and rotavirus.


Pathological/Microbiological/Sharps Waste


Pathological waste refers to any material that is infected with pathogens, such as animal bedding or anything that is disposable that may have contained blood or body fluids, such as blood vials. Microbiological wastes are often found in hospitals and include cultures and specimens. Sharps are used needles that can still have living pathogens on them and pose a health risk to humans.


At STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA, we use EPA standards to clean biohazards. We understand the necessity to clean them up as soon as possible and to make sure the area is safe with all potential hazards being disposed of properly.

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