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Cities and municipalities often don’t have the necessary resources to dedicate to teargas cleanup after teargas has been used, nor do they always have the right products to get the job done. That’s where STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA can come in to help; we take over where you left off. We know that residue from teargas can be especially difficult to clean as it gets into hard to reach places.


Tear Gas Cleanup


Teargas is considered a less-lethal weapon that works by targeting the mucous membranes located in the eyes, nose, and mouth. As it’s breathed in, it can also hurt the lungs. From initial exposure, tear gas can be felt for anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours depending on how long the exposure lasted. Teargas is meant to work as an agent that causes people to be incapacitated by burning, intense coughing, and causing pain. It’s often used to break up large crowds that have become dangerous or riotous.


Although referred to as a gas, it’s more like a powder that acts like a fine mist. Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. use a type of teargas that has 2-chlorobenzalmalonitrile or “CS” gas. Even though the teargas eventually disperses, it can leave behind residue on walls, furniture, and other items causing humans to have respiratory irritation from it for months after the teargas was released. To leave the area safe for humans, teargas residue must be cleaned from all surfaces and walls. In some instances, the drywall must be replaced to get rid of the contaminants.


At STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA, we understand how to clean locations that have had tear gas dispersed in them. We know that getting rid of the irritant in its entirety is necessary to protect the people in the area. In these situations, tear gas cleanup is critical and time sensitive. We used advanced cleaners to reach even the toughest of spots to ensure removal, leaving the air safe to breathe.

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