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Government Cleanup Services - STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA

Cities and municipalities often don’t have the necessary resources to dedicate to government cleanup. Once a crime scene has been investigated or an accident is taken care of, most responding personnel are off to another call or emergency, leaving the mess behind. That’s where STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA can come in to help; we take over where the government left off. Whether it’s spilled fluids, cleaning up drug paraphernalia, or getting rid of biohazards from an accident, we have the right tools and cleaning solutions to leave the area looking clean and being safe for humans.


Holding and Jail Cells


It’s not unusual for law enforcement to have to use pepper spray in a holding or jail cell. When dispersed, cleanup is crucial to keeping other people in the area safe. We are able to fully clean these areas of the residue and STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA can also properly dispose of any clothing or material that has blood or other bodily fluids on it that may be contaminated.


Traffic Accidents


Injured parties can leave blood and other body fluids at the scene of an accident. Washing the blood away doesn’t always get rid of the contaminants. The area needs to be properly disinfected to keep the public safe. STERI-CLEAN® ARIZONA has the right cleaning solutions to rid the area of blood and other biohazard fluids, leaving the roadway, parking lot, or sidewalk clean.


Government Cleanup Services for Government Vehicles


All emergency vehicles can become contaminated. Whether it’s the police transporting inmates or an ambulance taking a patient to the hospital, all types of contaminants from people can dangerous. There’s a potential for liquid or powdered drugs and paraphernalia to get spilled from an arrestee. There’s also the potential for infectious blood, vomit, or feces from a patient. These types of situations make getting the vehicles cleaned an absolute necessity.  

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