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$345,000 Found

It was a good day for Steri-Clean, Inc® and a great day for the family of one of our customers.

We were hired by the cousin of a gentlemen, who had died in his home, to clean up the biohazard and deal with a moderate hoard.   The customer was very happy when we finished cleaning out the home.  However, she was surprised we did not find a safe as her cousin did not trust banks. Even though we were done, we told her that we would go back and take another look to see if I could find where he may have hid his money. Lo and behold, with the house empty, we were able to find were he had hid his money.  We believe we handed the family over about $250,000 in cash, but boy were we surprised when the family called with an update, stating the final count was $345,000. You can imagine how happy the family was, and how happy we were to be able to, not only clean up the home, but to hand over such a large amount of money we found hidden. Integrity, Compassion, and Honesty At Steri-Clean, Inc.®, we Restore Homes and Lives through the principals of: Integrity, Compassion, and Honesty. These principals guide us to always do the right thing every day and for every client. For Over 25 Years We Have Met Life’s Clean Up Challenges with Compassion and Care. Every year Steri-Clean, Inc.® compassionately helps thousands of clients in their time of crises or need.  If you or someone you know could use our help, please call us, operators are standing by. (888) 577-7206 (800) 462-7337® Steri-Clean Inc.® Restoring Homes and Lives® #SteriClean #Hoarders #RestoringHomesAndLives #NationalFranchiseCompany #FranchisesAvailable #BioHazardCleaning #Hoarded #MoneyHoarder #HiddenTreasure

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