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Hoarding Risks Include Fire.

There are so many health and safety risks that are associated with Hoarding as a whole, but often people don't even realize that fire is one of them.

When a rodent infestation is present, they build nests everywhere, including the walls of the home. Rodents are not only foragers for food which is usually readily present in a Hoarders home, but they are also intense and obsessive chewers. It is very possible for them to chew through wiring and cause electrical failure and fires.

The sheer mass of combustible items in a hoarder’s home allows any fire that starts to spread quickly and with intensity. Extreme clutter might block windows and doors, a fire hazard that could make it impossible to escape or for first responders to make their way into the home to save those inside.

Additionally, clutter stacked too close to stove tops, uncovered light bulbs, or overloaded outlets due to multiple extension cords are also fire hazards.

If you or someone you know could use our help, please call us.

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photo: Fox32 Chicago

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