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Removing Smoke Odor Improves Resale Value

Dealing with Smoke Odor Improves Resale Value Foul odors, like tobacco, can really detract from your home or auto's value by as much as 29% according to Steri-Clean specializes in the remediation of foul odors in an efficient and cost-effective manner providing a positive return on your investment. We use a wide variety of safe and environmentally friendly technologies to remove the odor causing source in auto, residential and commercial properties. Steri-Clean has a proprietary system that does not mask the odor but eliminates it at a molecular level. The result is a clean, safe and fresh environment. Steri-Clean Odor Removal Provides: • Restoring resale value. • Efficient process – most home projects completed in 24-48 hours, Autos take approximately 90 min. • Food and Environmentally safe chemicals • Leaves your home/auto smelling clean and fresh. • Effective for pet waste odors as well.

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Unknown member
Aug 30, 2019

Excellent customer service, prompt, professional and reasonably priced! Guy provided all of this through the phone and in person. He answered all of our questions. We purchased a used car that was smoked in heavily. I didn't know how sensitive I was to the smoke until riding/driving the used car and I got a headache every time. After lots of researching what I could do on the internet I came across Steri-Clean. The cleaning is guaranteed for cars to rid the car of odor/smoke. With the great pricing and seeing the reviews and Guy answering our questions I made an appointment. BEST DECISION! Guy came within 2 days, rid the car of smoke. No more headaches. I wish all used…

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