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The ADHD and Hoarding Connection

“Many, many hoarders have ADHD, and all with ADHD are at risk of becoming hoarders.”

“Those with ADHD become hoarders by losing focus and moving on to the next thing before finishing the last one. This problem becomes pathological when their perception becomes so distorted they can’t see the whole picture. They may be focused on a lamp, a piece of clothing, a painting, and lose track of their supportive relationships.”

“It makes sense. Cognitive disorganization leads to physical disorganization.”

“You have to be honest with yourself. Don’t take it personally that you have problems. We all need to learn what we do well, and get help with what we don’t know. The only difference between hoarding and collecting is… staying organized!”  Which is not easy for those with ADHD.

-Dr. Melva Green, an anxiety disorder specialist on the A&E TV show Hoarders.

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