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Hoarding Reality Check

While it's completely normal to feel anxiety and stress during stressful times in our personal lives, it's exasperated even more so during unpredictable times like the pandemic due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Many people have purchased supplies in amounts that are far more than necessary. Purchasing items that they wouldn't even normally buy, not to mention the normal items we all buy day to day. Stockpiling (hoarding) has become the new normal, because people are afraid of the unknown. People are feeling a loss of control over the normalcy of their lives that seems to have dissipated right before their eyes. 

Does this make you a "Hoarder"? No

Is it abnormal to behave this way? No

Does it give you a glimpse into what a person with a real Hoarding Disorder feels like? YES

Never in our lives have so many felt so scared about something we new nothing about and had no control over. Having no control is a trigger and stockpiling (hoarding) supplies helps them to feel a sense of control over something they feel so completely out of control over. 

The real life reality is that this is what a person with a hoarding disorder feels everyday. They struggle with a sense of fear, anxiety and loss of control for one reason or another. While there are many complexities and circumstances that come into play during a diagnosis, the end result is that it is a very real disorder that so many do not understand or even want to try and understand.

There are lots of different things we can all learn from during this pandemic. Maybe you learned you really enjoy cooking. Maybe you have learned that you really do love your job. But maybe you can learn from this little post too. Maybe you can learn compassion and an understanding for those who feel fear and loss of control in their lives that make them a Hoarder every day and not just during a pandemic. 

Steri-Clean, Inc.® is prepared nationwide to respond to any Coronavirus outbreak exposure. With over 25 years of experience, Steri-Clean, Inc.® has successfully worked with state and local governments, school districts, hospitals, commercial businesses and private citizens on disinfection and biohazard remediation following known and/or suspected pathogen exposures.

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(888) 577-7206®

Steri-Clean Inc.®

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